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Title: Burroughs B7971 Nixie Tubes (#B7971)
[B7971] $250.00 each (one tube) - driver board separate (see below)

Burroughs B7971 Nixie Tubes

Burroughs B7971 Nixie Tubes (#B7971)
[B7971] $250.00 each (one tube) - driver board separate (see below)

Condition: used

The B7971 tubes are back in stock!
We had a customer return some of these extremely rare B7971 tubes!
We are offering them for sale again.
The price shown is for one tube.
The driver board is available separately below.

The B7971 nixie tubes are rare and becoming impossible to find.
The tubes can display letters and numbers that are three inches tall.
The B7971 tubes are used, but they are in good condition and appear to still work fine.
This is for the tubes only. We also have separate driver boards with sockets and electronics available.
The tubes will be tested prior to shipment to insure that the segments will ionize properly.

Driver Board Only - no tubes (#B7971-BOARD)
[B7971-BOARD] $5.00
Currently 5 boards are available.

We have a few raw boards available without tubes. These display boards were used to display stock market quotes.
These boards have been in storage for nearly 50 years.
The boards include the sockets and mounts for the tubes and the driver electronics.
The boards are untested (we have no way to test them).
These are the boards as shown above, but without the nixie tubes. The pictures above are a sample representation of the boards.
Some boards differ slightly from the pictures shown.
The boards are being offered at $5.00 each.

Below are links to a copies of the schematics and tube specifications
that were found with the boards (they appear to be a photocopy of a photocopy
and thus a bit hard to read).

Link to a text file of notes based on customer questions:
B7971 notes

Simple circuit to test B7971 operation:
B7971 tester

Documents for the B7971:
B7971 Document Page 1

B7971 Document Page 2

B7971 Document Page 3

B7971 Document Page 4

All B7971 Documents above (zipped)

Circuit board schematic:
B7971 circuit

Burroughs Nixie Tube Info

Burroughs B7971 Nixie Tube Info

How To Order:

Purchasing our B7971 tubes and display boards is easy.
Just send us an email indicating the number of B7971 tubes and/or display boards you want.
We will let you know the total price including shipping and handling.
Please see the Shipping and Handling link for ordering, payment and shipping details.

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