MDB Ventures Non-Cataloged Vacuum Tube List

Save on NOS and Used vacuum Tubes!

This table is a list of the tube types we have not yet cataloged. These tubes are not yet tested or checked. Some are used, some are new. They are from various manufacturers.

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The prices shown are for the tubes AS IS (untested) in US dollars. The prices shown are an estimate only please contact MDB Ventures for true final pricing. We can test and select specific tubes for an additional $2.50 per tube. Used tube pricing is normally 60% of the listed price plus $2.50 for testing. The quantities shown are also an estimate and may not be correct. At this time, it is not known how many of the tubes are used and how many are NOS.

To quickly find a specific tube you are looking for, use the Find selection in your browser and enter the tube number. Then just click on the link for the tube.

Note: You may see duplicate links for some tubes. This means that there are several areas where those tubes can be found. Click on each of the links to find all of the referenced tubes.

MDB Ventures Non-Cataloged Vacuum Tube List (5206)
Tube Tube
0A2 0A5
0B2 0C2
10C8 10DA7
10DE7 10DR7
10EW7 10GN8
10HF8 10JA8
10JT8 10JY8
10KR8 10LD6
10LY8 10LZ8
117Z3 11CY7
11JE8 11KV8
11LQ8 11LT8
11R3 12AL5
12AS5 12AT6
12AU6 12AV6
12BF6 12BN6
12BQ6/12CU6 12BR7
12BT6 12BU6
12CR6 12DW4
13DE7 13DF7
13DR7 15EW7
17BR3 17Z3
18FW6 18FX6
18FY6 18GD6
18RAL1 19D8
19GQ7 19HR6
19HV8 19KG8
19MR9 19T8
19V8 19X8
1Z2 20AQ3
2D21 30AE3
34R3 35B5
35W4 3A2
3A3 3A3-R
3AF4 3AL5
3AT2-R 3AU6
3AV6 3B2
3BA6 3BC5
3BE6 3BN4
3BN6 3BU8
3BY6 3BZ6
3CB6 3CE5
3CF6 3CS6
3CY5 3DB3-R
3DK6 3DR3
3DS3 3DT6
3DZ4 3EA5
3EH7 3EJ7
3ER5 3FH5
3FS5 3GK5
3HA5 3HK5
3HQ5 3HS8
3JC6 3KT6
4AU6 4AV6
4BA6 4BC5
4BC8 4BE6
4BL8 4BN6
4BQ7 4BS8
4BU8 4BZ6
4BZ7 4CB6
4CE5 4CS6
4CY5 4DE6
4DK6 4DT6
4EH7 4EJ7
4ES8 4EW6
4GJ7 4GK5
4GX7 4LJ8
50B5 5651
5663 5670
5686 5696
5726 5727
5749 5750
5783 5814
5879 5BK7
5BQ7 6136
6AF3 6AF4
6AG5 6AH6
6AJ4 6AL3
6AL5 6AM4
6AM8 6AN4
6AN5 6AN6
6AQ6 6AS5
6AS6 6AS8
6AT6 6AT8
6AU6 6AV6
6AY3 6BA6
6BA8 6BC4
6BC5 6BC7
6BD6 6BD7
6BE6 6BF6
6BF7 6BJ7
6BJ8 6BK7
6BN4 6BN6
6BN8 6BQ6
6BQ7 6BR8
6BU8 6BV8
6BW8 6BY6
6BY8 6BZ6
6C9 6CB6
6CE5 6CF6
6CM8 6CQ8
6CR6 6CS6
6CS7 6CU8
6CW7 6CY5
6CY7 6D4
6DA6 6DB6
6DC6 6DC8
6DE6 6DE7
6DK6 6DR7
6DT3 6DT4
6DT6 6DU3
6DZ4 6EA5
6EB5 6EH5
6EH8 6EV5
6EW6 6EW7
6FD6 6FG5
6FG7 6FH5
6FM8 6FS5
6FV6 6FV8
6GM6 6GQ7
6GS7 6GU5
6GX6 6GY6
6GY8 6HA5
6HB7 6HD7
6HJ7 6HJ8
6HL8 6HM6
6HQ5 6HS8
6HZ6 6J4
6J6 6J6W
6JC6 6JC8
6JD6 6JG5
6JH6 6JH8
6JU8 6JV8
6JW8 6JX8
6JY8 6KA8
6KF8 6KL8
6KM8 6KS6
6KT6 6KT8
6KV8 6KZ8
6LH6 6LJ8
6LM8 6LQ8
6LT8 6LU6
6LX8 6LY8
6MB8 6ME8
6MG8 6MHH3
6MK8 6MQ8
6MU8 6MV8
6R-K19 6T4
6T8 6V3
6V8 6W4
6X8 7054
7056 7059
7060 7061
7167 7258
7543 7701
7716 7AU7
7GS7 7HG8
7KY6 8077
8102 8106
8348 8426
8BA8 8BN8
8CG7 8CM7
8CN7 8CS7
8CX8 8EB8
8ET7 8GJ7
8GN8 8HG8
8JU8 8JV8
8KA8 8KR8
8LC8 8LS6
8LT8 9001
9002 9003
9006 9A8
9AU7 9BR7
9KC6 9KX6
9KZ8 9LA6
9MHH3 9ML8
9MP12 9RA1

Note: You may see duplicate links for some tubes. This means that there are several areas where those tubes can be found. Click on each of the links to find all of the referenced tubes.

How To Order:

Purchasing our vacuum tubes is easy.
Click on a link in the above table to find the tubes you need.
Then send us an email indicating the tubes (including quantities) you want.
Tell us if you want untested or tested (NOS or used) tubes. Please add $2.50 per tube for testing.
Please keep in mind that the prices shown are estimates only and may be out of date.
We will let you know the total price including shipping and handling.

Shipping and Handling Information

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Due to the highly volatile nature of the tube business, all Prices are subject to change without notice.

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