Sams Auto Radio Service Manuals Vol 5 to 37

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Title: Sams Auto Radio Service Manuals Vol 5 to 37
Item: [SAMSAR-N] $15.00 each

Sams Auto Radio Service Manuals

(See Below for available manuals)
Title: Sams Auto Radio Service Manual Vol 5 to 37
Item: [SAMSAR-N] $15.00 each

Here is a selection of old Sams Auto Radio Service Manuals.
See the table of links below for the manuals we have available.
To order, indicate the AR number you want to order (example: Sams AR-5)
Each book is 11x8.5 inches
Typical packed shipping weight is 3 pounds for each book

Not sure which book you need for your car radio?
Download this zip file which contains the index for the Sams AR books from AR-1 (1949) to AR-37 (1965).
Warning: the file is rather large at 3.12MB.
Sams Auto Radio Service Manual Index: (size=3.12MB),

Sams Auto Radio Service Manuals
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Sams AR-5 book 1954 to 1955
Sams AR-7 book 1956 to 1957
Sams AR-8 book 1957 to 1958
Sams AR-9 book 1958 to 1959
Sams AR-17 book 1961 to 1962
Sams AR-18 book 1962
Sams AR-19 book 1963
Sams AR-20 book 1963
Sams AR-21 book 1963
Sams AR-22 book 1964
Sams AR-23 book 1964
Sams AR-24 book 1964
Sams AR-25 book 1964
Sams AR-26 book 1964
Sams AR-27 book 1964
Sams AR-28 book 1965
Sams AR-29 book 1965
Sams AR-30 book 1965
Sams AR-32 book 1965
Sams AR-37 book 1966

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