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Title: Hot Rod Magazine 1964 to 1972
Item: [HOTROD] $2.50 each

Title: Hot Rod Magazine 1964 to 1972
Item: [HOTROD] $2.50

Here is a collection of Hot Rod Magazines spanning 1964 to 1972.
Also included are two issues of Popular Hot Rodding, one issue of Super Street Cars, two issues of Car Craft, one issue of High Performance Cars, and two issues of Super Stock.

The magazines are well used, but readable. A few have torn covers.
The magazines are being offered at $2.50 each or $40.00 for all 23 magazines.
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The following issuses are available:
Hot Rod - December 1964
Hot Rod - January 1965
Hot Rod - April 1965
Hot Rod Magazine
Hot Rod - May 1965
Hot Rod - July 1965
Hot Rod - March 1966
Hot Rod Magazine
Hot Rod - September 1969
Hot Rod - November 1969
Hot Rod - April 1970
Hot Rod Magazine
Hot Rod - October 1970
Hot Rod - January 1972
Hot Rod - February 1972
Hot Rod Magazine
Hot Rod - May 1972
Hot Rod - July 1972
Hot Rod - August 1972
Hot Rod Magazine
Popular Hot Rodding - May 1972
Popular Hot Rodding - July 1972
Popular Hot Rodding Magazine
Car Craft - July 1972
Car Craft - August 1972
Hi Performance Cars - October 1968
Car Craft Magazine
Super Stock - April 1972
Super Stock - May 1972
Super Stock Magazine

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