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Title: Masco 50W Quad 6L6 Tube Amplifier (#MASCO)
Item: [MASCO] $50.00

Title: Masco 50W Quad 6L6 Tube Amplifier (#MASCO)
Item: [MASCO] $50.00

Condition: used

Here is a nice quad 6L6 Masco vacuum tube amplifier.

This is Masco 50 Watt model MA50 amplifier (Code 295). The serial number is 50169.

The amplifier is configured as a quad 6L6 amplifier capable of 50 watts output. The tubes used are four 6L6, two 6SN7, one 12AX7 and two 5U4.

This Masco amplifier was partally restored in the past, but could use a new (and better) restoration job.

This amplifier was used for many years by the bass guitarist in a rock band in the 1960s before it was retired. It is in fair condition considering the age and use of this amplifier. There is some minor surface rust, scuffs and scrapes in a various places (see pictures).

The original can electrolytics have been replaced with newer style capacitors, but probably could be used to be replaced again (with a better mounting method besides tape). The can electrolytics are still physically in place to retain the original look, but they are no longer connected to the circuits. The new tubular electrolytics that replaced them are installed inside the chassis.

All the wax paper capacitors have been replaced with new sealed capacitors of the same size and rating.

Most of the tubes are missing. Two 5U4 and one 6SN7 tube remain. The 5U4s check ok, but the 6SN7 probably should be relaced.

6SN7GTA, GE, 100%/100% emission
5U5GB, RCA, 110%/110% emisison
5U4GB, RCA, 110%/110% emission, broken locator pin
Size: 16x11x8 At 31 pounds, this beast is a bit heavy.

Shipping Weight 40 pounds
Box size 22x18x12 inches

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