S100 Vector Prototyping Board

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Title: S100 Vector Prototyping Board
Item: [S100VEC-1] $19.95

S100 Vector Board

Item: S100 Vector Prototyping Board
Title: [S100VEC-1] $19.95

Condition: NOS

Here is a S100 Vector Prototyping board.
This item unused NOS.
The board has solder reflow plated through holes and gold plated bus fingers.
The board comes with the 5 volt regulator on the board and positions provided for two more regulators if needed.
The board also comes with 10 bus bars that can be soldered into the holes.
These boards are used to build custom circuits for S100 based computer systems.
The board plugs into a standard S100 bus backplane.
The hole spacing on the board is 0.1 inch.

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