Atari 520 ST Computer and Accessories Development System

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Title: Atari 520 ST Computer and Accessories Development System
[ATARI520] $99.00

Atari 520 ST Computer and Accessories Development System
[ATARI520] $99.00

Condition: used
This Atari 520 ST was used for development by US Digital Corp.
It includes the Atari Development software and documentation.
Also included are several flip-lid storage boxes for the floppy disks.
Because this computer was used for development, it includes an additional unusual accessory, a five inch floppy drive (with a box of disks).
The monitor, power supplies, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3.25 inch floppy drive and cables are all included.

Also included are the development manuals for the Atari ST.

Atari ST BIOS Technical Reference Manual
Line A-Technical Reference Manual
Engineering Hardware Specification of the Atari ST Computer System
Digital Reseearch C Language Programming Guide for CPM/68K
CP/M-68K Operation System Programmer's Guide
GEM Programmer's Guide Volume 1 : VDI
GEM Programmer's Guide Volume 2 : AES
Introduction to GEM Programming
Kermit User's Guide
MicroEmacs Screen Editor Tutorial
Misc ST Info and Appenix's and Updates
Source Book for Atari Logo
Atari 520 ST Owner's Manual

Note: Because this is a development system, the operating system is boot-ed from a floppy disk. So the TOS boot floppy disk must be in the disk drive to boot the system. As long as you do not power down the system, you can remove the boot floppy from the disk drive once the system has completed the boot-up.

We are not able to fully test the system, as the five inch floppy accessory is disassembled. The power supply for the five inch floppy appears to support two 1/2 high drives, but the drive that is included is a full height drive. There is a switch on the back panel that has some wires connected to it, but they don't go to anything. Not sure what it is intended for.

While this computer does power up, we do not have a way to fully test this computer to see if everything is fully functional. Because of this, the computer are sold as-is.

Note: Because of the size and weight of this item, it will ship in four separate boxes.
Manuals 25 pounds; box: 18x12x12
Monitor 25 pounds; box: 18x18x18
Five Inch Floppy 12 pounds; box: 18x12x8
Remaining Components 25 pounds; box: 23x18x11
--- Total: four boxes 87 pounds

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