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Title: Lot of 10 used type 6A7 vacuum tubes
Item: [6A7-2] $15.00

type 6A7 vacuum tubes
Title: Lot of 10 used type 6A7 vacuum tubes
Item: [6A7-2] $15.00

Here are 10 used type 6A7 tubes from various manufacturers
including RCA/Cunningham, Sylvania, Ken-Rad, Wards and Zenith.

Some have a loose or missing cap, loose base, leaky or weak emissions or corrosion.
Repair them and you can have some nice tubes for a real bargin.

Condition and test results listed below.
Each tube has its own tag showing the condition and test results.

6A7, Zenith, 50%/25% emission, 400/1000:50/300 Gm, used gassy, engraved base
6A7, Sylvania, 100%/120% emission, 1250/1000:650/300 Gm, used leaky 2M, loose base
6A7, Sylvania, 110%/110% emission, 1600/1000:600/300 Gm, used leaky 4M
6A7, RCA/Cunningham, 80%/120% emission, 1300/1000:400/300 Gm, used, engraved base
6A7, Crosley by Ken-Rad, 50%/80% emission, 950/1000:200/300 Gm, used leaky 2M, engraved base
6A7, Wards Super Airline, 100%/100% emission, 1250/1000:300/300 Gm, used leaky 1M, engraved base, cat 312-49
6A7, National Union, 40%/110% emission, 900/1000:400/300 Gm, used
6A7, National Union, 40%/110% emission, 1000/1000:400/300 Gm, used
6A7, National Union, 80%/140% emission, 1200/1000:500/300 Gm, used
6A7, National Union, 10%/40% emission, 300/1000:250/300 Gm, used

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