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Title: Lot of 12 used type 36 and 38 vacuum tubes +bonus
Item: [36-38-1] $7.50
type 36 and 38 vacuum tubes

Title: Lot of 12 used type 36 and 38 vacuum tubes +bonus
Item: [36-38-1] $7.50

Here are 12 used type 36 and 38 tubes from various manufacturers including RCA/Cunningham, National Union, Silvertone, Philco, Triad, Tung-Sol and Raytheon.
Five are type 36 and seven are type 38.

Some have a loose or missing cap, loose base, leaky or weak emissions or corrosion.
Repair them and you can have some nice tubes for a real bargin.

What does "leaky" mean? The designation of leaky means that there is a high resistance connection between two or more of the tube elements. Most commonly this is between the cathode and the heater and typically one to ten megohm or higher. For many applications a leaky tube can still work fine, or may cause a slight "hum" in the output. The leaky condition prevents us from selling the tube as "good". That means that you can get a great deal on our less than perfect tubes.
Save money and carry a few backup tubes without paying NOS prices.

Condition and test results listed below.
Each tube has its own tag showing the condition and test results.

36, National Union, 40% emission, 450/1050 Gm, used
36, National Union, 40% emission, 650/1050 Gm, used, engraved base
36, Raytheon, 135% emission, 1250/1050 Gm, used, engraved base, four pillar tube, loose cap
36, Silvertone, 50% emission, 50/1050 Gm, used, engraved base
36, Philco, 75% emission, 700/1050 Gm, used, loose base, engraved base

38/VT38, Raytheon, 110% emission, 1350/1050 Gm, loose cap
38, RCA Cunningham, 30% emission, 350/1050 Gm, engraved base
38, RCA CUnningham, 35% emission, 350/1050 Gm, engraved base
38, RCA Cunningham, 90% emission, 1050/1050 Gm, engraved base, loose cap
38, RCA, 120% emission, 1500/1050 Gm, used, leaky, loose cap
38, Triad, 100% emission, 1350/1050 Gm, used, loose cap
38, Tung-Sol, 140% emission, 1600/1050 Gm, used, leaky

bonus = 36, Sylvania, shorted, no heater
38/VT38, Sylvania, shorted, no output, heater ok

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