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We are sad to inform you that due to on-going health issues. MDB Ventures has ceased operations.
We are not able to take any new orders.
We sincerly apologize for any inconvience this may have caused.
We wish to thank our loyal customers for your many years of support and we wish you all the best.
There are other suppliers who will be happy to help you find the tubes you are looking for.
Below are some links that might help to get started with your search. - VacuumTubesInc - Jim Cross - Florida - tubes - Antique Electronic Supply - tubes/amplifier/radio parts - Radio Electric Supply - tubes - SND Tube Sales - tubes - Radio Daze - radio restoration and parts - Sphere Research - tubes and electronics - JJ tube sales outlet - amp power tubes - specialize in military surplus - surplus electronics including mechanicals

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31 December 2023